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Is there really a labor shortage?

Talk to a contractor, big or small, anywhere in the country, and they’ll tell you they’re struggling to find workers. The construction industry will be short between 650,000 and 740,000 workers in the next year, depending on who you ask. This shortage isn’t unique to the construction industry, but the reasoning behind it may be. What’s causing this mass avoidance?

On the surface, the industry operates in extreme ebbs and flows. You could be working 10 hours/day, 7 days/week, or you could be out of work for a month. The inconsistency is unappealing to say the least, and it’s putting people off from joining the industry.

What’s more, construction companies don’t invest in their employees. They do nothing to support the go-getters who are seeking out personal career development.

The issue runs even deeper. Let’s look to the root of the problem. Schools have almost completely eliminated any form of shop or tech ed class. Without exposing the youth at an early age, how can we expect children to want to learn about and do construction?

So, what can we do right now?

Highlight adult training and education programs such as Soulful Synergy. This company, along with many others, provides young adults classes on different aspects of the construction trades.

We need to motivate the generations that were neglected the opportunity of exposure.

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