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Current funding opportunities from NYSERDA for commercial and multifamily buildings:

  • RetrofitNY Gap Funding for High-Performance Retrofit Projects (Upstate New York) (PON 4026)

    • ​FOR: Up to three building owners whose respective buildings have had high-performance retrofit solutions designed for them under NYSERDA’s RFP 3750. Buildings must be located outside the five boroughs of New York City and not be higher than two stories.

    • AMOUNT: $30,000 per dwelling unit.  Projects may be eligible for up to an additional $10,000 per dwelling unit if they employ a high-performance prefabricated panel system for their envelope treatment or an innovative integration of mechanical systems.

    • DUE: 12/30/2022

  • On-site Energy Manager Pilot (PON 3701)

    • FOR: commercial, industrial, and multifamily facilities or campuses that do not have an existing, dedicated, full-time energy manager on-site.

    • AMOUNT: NYSERDA will cost-share of up to 75% of OsEM (on-site energy manager) fees

    • DUE DATE: 12/30/2022

  • RetrofitNY Gap Funding for High-Performance Retrofit Projects (PON 4878)

    • FOR: affordable multifamily buildings that have been qualified through NYSERDA Request for Qualifications (RFQL) 4552, and who submit an application in partnership with a solution provider qualified through RFQL 4553 that is comprised of components qualified through RFQL 4551. 

    • AMOUNT: $40,000 per dwelling unit, subject to a cap of $1,600,000 per building subject to funding availability.

    • DUE: 11/8/2024


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