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Avoid common construction management pitfalls with The Builder Project

Retrofits are not immune to the common construction management pitfalls that plague our industry. Understanding the environmental impacts from your building and wanting to make a change for the better is one thing. Actually completing a retrofit project is another altogether.

Successful retrofits result in more efficient facilities with smaller carbon footprints. But at their core, they’re still construction projects. And construction projects are inherently complex and risk-prone.

Every retrofit requires a clear scope of work, an attainable schedule, a realistic budget, and a group of on-site construction professionals to accomplish the various tasks required to complete the project. Without proper project management, these most basic elements begin to suffer. Poor management

risks project failure.

Side-stepping common construction management pitfalls with expert guidance

At The Builder Project, our main goal is to help you navigate your facility’s entire retrofit process. To avoid the typical construction project pitfalls, we capitalize on local and state resources. Our homegrown approach serves to address local labor shortage crises while saving you time and money.

Who knew community-based construction could be so effective? Our four-step process for retrofit building ensures your project will:

- Effectively manage contractors and subcontractors

- Start with and actually stick to a realistic schedule

- Avoid scope creep

- Stay within budget

Don’t let common construction management pitfalls trip you up. Leverage The Builder Project as your construction management experts. Sign up now for your free initial consultation.

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